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P.R.O Services

we are thorough professionals and you can bank on us to get all tasks done in a fast, and yet precise manner. There are no delays when you work with us, no matter that task at hand.

Company Registration

We will work out the registration of your company, including the processing of forms and the submission of requirements to the proper authorities.

Trade License Application

Our experienced specialists will take the burden of applying for a trade license from your shoulders so you can concentrate on what matters most: running your company.

Company Incorporation

We will submit the necessary paperwork for the incorporation of your company, and facilitate the payment of the registration fee as well.

The opening of Corporate Bank Accounts

We can facilitate the opening of a corporate bank account for your company.

Serviced Offices

We know that businesses may often be on a tight budget. So, if you are looking at serviced offices instead of buying permanent office space, we are here to help. We maintain an updated list of such offices that are available on short-term leases and assist you in framing up contracts to acquire them.

Relocation Services

We offer easy and hassle-free relocation services for companies and businesses that require it. If you wish to shift your business from one location to another, whatever the reasons may be, we can help with the paperwork, approval and even the finding office spaces.

Offshore Licensing

We can also aid in the event that your company requires an offshore license from the UAE. There are several means and we can aptly come up with the right solutions and get you an offshore license.

Visa Services

We provide all kind of visa services including Employment and Visit visa for our customers.

We provide air tickets as well.

Document Clearing

We can assist in securing approvals from the proper agencies and submitting the necessary documents for a smooth business setup.

Real-estate Solutions

We understand a company’s need for office spaces and physical office locations. Keeping this in mind, we can provide you with major leads and even arrange for several office spaces in key areas and market locations.

Asset Liquidation

In the case that your company needs to close down for some reason, we can assist in the liquidation process. You can also expect us to protect your interests in all possible ways.

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